NetRegs receives advice from businesses, business support organisations and stakeholders in Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, NetRegs takes account of the views received from businesses, organisations and stakeholders in the course of business, and also always welcomes feedback and suggestions on the direction that the website takes via its email facility. For more information contact us.

 A dedicated Business Advisory Group is not currently operating in Northern Ireland, but NetRegs in Northern Ireland currently benefits from contributions made by the NetRegs Business Advisory Group that meets in Scotland.


 A Business Advisory Group (BAG) for NetRegs, comprised of businesses, business support organisations and other stakeholders, meets twice a year in Scotland. At the meetings the group discusses:

  • what NetRegs has done and achieved since the previous meeting
  • what NetRegs should consider and plan to do in the subsequent months.

At present BAG includes members of the following businesses and groups:

In Scotland NetRegs also welcomes suggestions and feedback from all stakeholders, contact us here.