This guidance is for householders only.

It provides information on how to deal with a number of issues that affect householders, from disposal of hazardous materials to dealing with disputes between neighbours.

How do I reuse/pass on household goods in good condition?

Local Authorities run kerbside recycling services which will collect a wide range of waste materials and arrange for recycling.

Householders can often come across materials or objects that don’t look like they can be put into waste bin.

Disputes between neighbours can be caused by a number of factors

Information for householders who have septic tanks. Good ways to make sure your septic tank is working properly.

Noise, odours, excessive traffic movements, and disturbance at night are among the types of nuisance that can be caused by businesses to a local community.

If you plan to have a burial on private land you should consult with your local council and the police in advance.

If you find fly-tipped waste then you should report it.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is one of the simplest ways of saving energy and combating rising energy prices.

What to do with used tissues if you think you have Covid-19

Things you might see at the seaside. Are they caused by pollution or not?