Local Authorities run kerbside recycling services which will collect a wide range of waste materials and arrange for recycling.

There are moves to standardise the collection services but it is always best to check with your local council and find the system being used in your area.

Materials that are not collected in the kerbside collections can often be taken to Civic Amenity sites. These are recycling centres run by the local Council. There are some differences in the materials that councils will accept, so again it is best to check with your local council.

What are the recycling arrangements for my council area?

Northern Ireland

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Recycle for Scotland - where to recycle

Zero Waste Scotland has a website that provides information on reducing waste, recycling, home composting, recipes and information to help you reduce your environmental impacts and deal with a range of specific waste types.

Zero Waste Scotland: How to Waste Less

You can find out the range of materials that are accepted at your councils civic amenity sites:

If you can’t find a type of waste listed you can always check with your council whether or not they accept the waste you want to recycle.

From anywhere in the UK, find out where to phone or send a request: GOV.UK: Find your local council