Guidance for agriculture, including livestock and arable farmers, landowners and contractors

Guidance for the care and boarding of animals including dogs, cats or larger animals

This guidance is for chemical manufacturers

This guidance is for anyone working in building, demolition, civil engineering and building trades

Guidance for schools, colleges, universities or adult education centres

Guidance for businesses that assemble raw materials to manufacture metal products

Guidance for fish and shellfish farming, commercial fishing and run inland fisheries

Guidance for businesses in the food and drink industry

Guidance is for anyone working in forestry

Guidance for golf sector including, greenkeepers, golf course managers and golf course development

Environmental guidance for the Hair and Beauty sector

Guidance for businesses that provide healthcare and associated services

Guidance for businesses in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries

Guidance for game keepers, game farmers, land agents and landowners

Guidance for businesses that design, build and maintain gardens and landscapes

This guidance applies to you if you are in the leather processing industry or the tanning industry

Guidance for businesses operating in the Life Sciences sector

Guidance for businesses that manufacture, assemble and service

Guidance for metal producers

Guidance is for businesses that manufacture mineral products from raw materials to finished articles

This guidance is for mining, quarrying and other extractive industries

Guidance for all businesses that have an office

Guidance for businesses that are involved in controlling pests

Guidance for businesses that publish and print

Guidance for paper and cardboard manufacturers

Guidance for businesses that reproduce sound or visual media

Guidance for businesses that collect, store, treat, dismantle or reprocess materials for recycling or composting

Guidance for anyone working in the retail and wholesale industry

Guidance for businesses that manufacture rubber and plastic products

Guidance for businesses that deal with sewage and provide sewerage services

Guidance for the surface treatment of metals

Guidance for textile and clothing manufacturers

Guidance is for businesses that move passengers and freight using vehicles

Guidance for businesses that repair, service and maintain motor vehicles

Guidance for the transport, storage, treatment or disposal of waste

Guidance for businesses that manufacture, treat or process wood or timber products

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