16 June 22                SEPA

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is now accepting special waste consignment notes (SWCNs) by email only.

Completed notes should be submitted to: swcnreturns@sepa.org.uk

The agency has introduced an Excel version of the SWCN which is available on the SEPA website, alongside an updated PDF version, and has published updated Guidance on consigning special waste to reflect these changes. 

Although the Excel and PDF digital versions of the SWCN are free to download and use, each movement of special waste must be accompanied by a unique code supplied by SEPA. Codes can be purchased online via the SEPA website.

To obtain SC codes for extended carrier rounds or landings of offshore waste, and SA/SB codes if you cannot purchase them online, please contact the orders team directly via email.

At this time, SEPA is unable to sell their remaining stock of paper notes or accept any notes by post. This position will be reviewed later in the year.

The agency is asking that only notes from 8 June 2022 onwards be submitted. Companies must retain a copy of any SWCNs used between 1 January 2021 and 7 June 2022 and be ready to make these available to SEPA on request.

The introduction of digital notes and the acceptance of notes by email represents an incremental step towards the future implementation of a UK-wide digital waste tracking service. It also contributes to SEPA’s net zero ambitions as they aim to phase out the provision of physical SWCNs, therefore reducing paper consumption and usage.

Further information about the changes is available on the SEPA website.