Certain energy-related products must meet energy labelling and ecodesign requirements. These aim to improve the products' environmental performance throughout their lifecycle.

Ecodesign is a legal requirement if you manufacture certain energy-related products such as boilers, lighting and electrical and electronic equipment. If you supply or import energy-related products you must ensure that the products meet specific design requirements. In the future, design requirements will also affect businesses that produce and supply energy-related products such as windows and insulation.

Energy labelling requirements apply to specific electric mains-operated household appliances. This includes household appliances that businesses use. If you manufacture or sell certain household electrical equipment within the European Union, you must clearly label your products with their energy efficiency rating. This helps consumers to make a better informed decision.

This guide explains who is affected by the energy labelling and ecodesign of energy-related product requirements and what you have to do to comply.