Prepare a flood plan

To protect your property, reduce losses and minimise downtime you should prepare a flood plan. This is particularly important if your premises are in an area that has a high risk of flooding.

You should:

  • Have emergency telephone numbers at hand
  • Know how to shut off all services; water, gas and electricity
  • Store chemicals, fuel and other materials and stock above potential water levels
  • Have contingency plans in place with suppliers and clients
  • Know who to call for assistance
  • Consider installing flood protection equipment
  • Train staff in how to respond in case of flooding
  • Make sure you are properly insured

For details of how to prepare a plan you can find further information from:

Protecting your property

You can reduce the risk of damage to property, stock and equipment by installing flood protection equipment.

We recommend that businesses use products that carry the BSI kitemark for flood protection products (PAS1188) or similar standards.

You can search through the list of products in the document below. It lists products such as

  • sandbags
  • restoration services
  • temporary defences
  • flood skirts
  • flood doors, vent guard etc.

National Flood Forum: Directory of flood protection products

Further information

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