Old buildings

If you plan to renovate or restore an old building you will need to make sure that there are no bats roosting in the roof or in wall cavities. A qualified ecologist will be able to survey the building and let you know if bats are present. There are ways of working that will allow restoration to go ahead without causing disturbance or harm to the bat colony.

You can search a directory of ecologists on the IEEM website.

CIEEM: Directory of ecologists

Gardens and surrounding grounds

To manage your grounds to enhance biodiversity you can find out about locally important species by finding out about the local biodiversity action plan. This will provide information on plants and animals that are important to the local area.

You can help deliver the biodiversity action plan by supporting these species on the land you manage. This could, for example, involve ensuring that habitats for newts are retained, or added to your site. Planting of particular species of plant might encourage butterflies or moths that are important to the area.

Local organisations

In Northern Ireland

A key method of delivering local action for biodiversity in Northern Ireland is through Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAP). You can find information on LBAP priorities and projects on the Ulster Wildlife website.

Ulster Wildlife

Co-ordination within Northern Ireland is carried out by the Local Biodiversity Action team within the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). You can find out more about Northern Ireland LBAPs on the NIEA website.

NIEA: Local biodiversity action plans

In Scotland

For information on biodiversity action plan (BAP) priorities and projects in your area, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is a good first port of call. You can find local biodiversity information on the Scottish Wildlife Trust website.

Scottish Wildlife Trust

There are around 150 local biodiversity action plan groups across the UK. If your business has a single site, it will be easy for you to network with one of them.

NatureScot: Local Action Plans

Roads and driveways

Read about managing roadside verges to encourage wild flowers and other plants.

Plantlife: Managing roadside verges

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