Make sure that you are flood aware. Is your site at risk from any type of flooding? You could be at risk from:

  • Surface water flooding (runoff from roads, land)
  • River flooding
  • Coastal flooding (storm surges or high tides)
  • Sewer flooding (during high rainfall sewers can overflow)
  • Burst pipes

You can check using flood maps.

Flood Maps NI

SEPA: Flood maps for Scotland

NetRegs has a list of resources you can use to prepare for flooding, including guidance on where to find flood protection equipment.

READ THE NETREGS GUIDANCE: NetRegs: Manage flood risk 


Carry out a fire risk assessment to identify and reduce potential causes of site fires. Use this to position extinguishers, fire blankets or sprinklers. Invite the Fire and Rescue Service to your site to discuss potential outcomes of fires, how to prevent them, best practice techniques and how to develop an incident response plan.


Climate change

Be aware of risks associated with climate change. For information visit:

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