Reducing your environmental impacts

Customers, whether businesses or the public, are increasingly environmentally conscious. They demand that they do business, or interact, with others who use natural resources sustainably.

Demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to efficiency can help you attract and retain customers and employees. You can also create interest from funding bodies, stakeholders and the media by showing that your organisation’s environmental performance is well managed.

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Sources of funding and support for resource efficiency measures 

Support for resource efficiency in businesses and charities is available from the following sources. Interest free loans are available for qualifying organisations. There is guidance and support for measures to reduce energy use, water use and to minimise waste.

Northern Ireland


You can get help to develop a more efficient and circular approach to your business activities from a number of business support organisations. This can be in the form of advice and training as well as funding opportunities. 

In Northern Ireland see our page:  Business support organisations  - Northern Ireland

In Scotland see our page: Business support organisations  - Scotland

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