Organic or manufactured nitrogen fertilisers that you use on your land can pollute surface and ground waters.

What you must do

Store and apply fertilisers safely

Make sure you comply with regulations on storing and applying fertilisers by checking our guidance on chemical and man-made fertilisers

Check if you need to comply with spreading limits for manure and fertilisers

If your land is in a nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) Scotland you may have to comply with limits on the amount of livestock manure and manufactured fertilisers you can spread on your land. These limits apply to all land in Northern Ireland.

Read our guidance on NVZs for more information and to find out if you are in an NVZ.

Northern Ireland: Nitrate Action Programme and Phosphorus Regulations

DAERA: NAP 2019-2022: Changes to NAP and New Measures

Scotland: Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs)

Further information on using fertilisers

DAERA: Summary of the Nitrates action programme and Phosphorus regulations 2015 - 2018

Scottish Government: Prevention of Environmental Pollution from Agricultural Activity (PEPFAA Code) 2005 (Scotland)

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