Pesticides and biocides are chemical or biological products used to control pests such as harmful or unwanted animals, plants, fungi, viruses or bacteria. They can cause pollution and harm wildlife if they spill onto land, enter surface water or groundwater or are released into the air. Pesticides and biocides can also be harmful to human health if you do not store and use them properly.

You must make sure that you use only approved pesticides and biocides. If you cause or allow pollution to occur when using, storing or supplying pesticides and biocides, you may be prosecuted and fined. Your business could suffer from losing contracts, production downtime, and you may have to pay clean-up costs and increased insurance premiums.

This guide is particularly relevant if you use pest control products regularly. It explains what pesticides and biocides are, the effects they can have on the environment, and how to use, store and dispose of pesticides and biocides to minimise the risk of pollution.

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