Trade Associations and Business Support Organisations for Retail and Wholesale sector.

Northern Ireland

Neighbourhood Retailer

Neighbourhood Retailer is a publication for Northern Ireland's retail industry. The outfit also advocates on behalf of the industry.

Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA)

NIIRTA is a trade body that represents wholesalers, independent retailers and other suppliers to the retail sector in Northern Ireland. Members of NIIRTA are typically local SMEs.

Northern Ireland Retail Consortium (NIRC)

NIRC is a branch of the British Retail Consortium (see above).


Scottish Bakers

Scottish Bakers is the trading name for the Scottish Association for Master Bakers (SAMB). Scottish Bakers provides advice, information, assistance and skills development for bakers throughout the country.

Scottish Grocers' Federation (SGF)

SGF is a trade association the represents the convenience store industry in Scotland.

Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association (SFMTA)

SFMTA is a trade body that works on behalf of the country's local butchers.

Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC)

SRC is a branch of the British Retail Consortium (see above).

For information and opportunities from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, Skills Development Scotland, Business Gateway and Visit Scotland covering:

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  • Programmes,
  • Research and information,
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Funding
  • Training

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Association of Convenience Stores (ACS)

ACS is a UK trade group that represents local shops, providing advice, lobbying services and networking opportunities.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

BRC is a trade association that represents individual retailers and other industry groups.

Institute of Grocery Distributors (IGD)

IGD is a research and training charity with global reach that represents the food and consumer goods industry.

Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG)

IMRG is a trade body that works on behalf of the UK's e-retail industry. Their membership consists of a range of actors, including multichannel and pureplay, SME and multinational, and solution providers to industry.

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