What you must do

Most tyres can no longer be disposed of in landfill sites, although whole tyres can still be used by landfill sites for engineering purposes.

Tyres from heavy plant that have an outside diameter greater than 1.4 metres can still be disposed of at landfills that have a suitable permit.

If you have tyres to dispose of, ask your waste disposal contractor for disposal options in your area.

Alternatively, to find contractors in your area who can recycle or dispose of waste tyres, use the waste directory.

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Recycled tyres

If your business recycles materials, both on or off your site, you must meet certain regulations to ensure you recycle safely and legally.

Current destinations for waste tyres include:

  • retreading tyres
  • re-using part-worn tyres
  • landfill engineering
  • export for use abroad
  • fuel (primarily in cement kilns)
  • stockpiles.

In Scotland

Garages that replace tyres and collect waste tyres prior to disposal can register an exemption for their storage on site.

Waste operators who collect waste tyres and store them prior to treatment or recycling will no longer be able to register an exemption with SEPA for the storage (paragraph 17) or treatment (paragraph 11) of waste tyres. A full Waste Management Licence will be required.

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