What you must do

If you need to dispose of batteries that you have used in your business, for example from portable telephones or smoke detectors, you must dispose of them appropriately.

Comply with your duty of care

You must ensure that you comply with your waste responsibilities.

You must make sure that your batteries are collected and transported by a registered waste carrier who will dispose of them legally.

Duty of Care: Your waste responsibilities

To find a licensed waste site to take your batteries, use our waste directory.

Check if you need to deal with waste batteries as hazardous/special waste

Some batteries, including mixed portable and lead acid batteries, are classed as hazardous/special waste. See our guidance on hazardous/special waste for further information.

Provide a battery take-back system if you sell, distribute or import batteries

If you sell, distribute or import batteries into the UK for sale, you must comply with the Batteries Regulations. You may have to offer a free waste battery collection service for your customers.

For more information, see our guidance on selling batteries

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