How micro-brewers and distillers can reduce their environmental impact

   24 April 2019       

A blog exploring the environmental obligations and responsibilities of micro-brewers and distillers, with advice on things they should and shouldn't be doing. Read the article  

Environmental regulations: what they mean for you

   27 November 2018       

If you’re responsible for a business that conducts any activity that could have a negative impact on the environment or human health, then you need to be up to date on environmental regulations. A permit, licence or authorisation is a permission that a company needs in order to run their business in accordance with environmental best practice. Read the article  

Generating your own renewable energy

   08 November 2018       

NetRegs has a guidance document that provides an overview of the different renewable energy technologies that are available. The guidance provides information on the benefits of each system, as well as noting any consideration that need to be taken into account. Read the article  

Why food and drink businesses should consider the sustainable supply chain

   06 November 2018       

Within the food and drink industry, sustainability is becoming more important. As a consequence, there is an increased awareness of the environmental impacts from the supply chain. Read the article  

Bonfires - What you need to know

   23 October 2018       

Burning waste is usually an environmentally poor waste management option. However, when it comes to bonfire night there are no laws about having a bonfire in your garden, but there are laws for the nuisance and pollution it could cause. Read the article  

Sustainable farming practices

   05 October 2018       

To promote sustainable farming practices, a new funding scheme has been announced under Scotland’s Agri-Environmental Climate Scheme for 2019. The aims of the scheme are to promote land management practices that protect and enhance Scotland’s natural heritage. Read the article