In our existing economy,

  • we take resources from the ground, air and water
  • we make them into products and structures
  • then we dispose of them.

In a circular economy

  • we get as much value as possible from the resources that we use
  • we return nutrients to the soil and ensure on-going productivity
  • we minimise value lost by reducing landfill and incineration (preventing ‘leakage from the economy’).

Consider the design of your products, the materials you use and how they can be re-used, refurbished or recycled when they reach the end of their useful life.

Northern Ireland Business in the Community: Circular economy

WRAPNI: Circular economy

Zero Waste Scotland: Circular Economy Business Support Service offers up to 30 days consultancy support to explore more circular ways of doing business.

Zero Waste Scotland: The Circular Economy Investment Fund is a £18 million grant funding pot for small and medium sized enterprises who are helping to create a more circular economy.

READ THE NETREGS GUIDANCE: NetRegs: Towards a circular economy

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